Saturday 9 July 2011

A D-Bat?!

Annoying day today and I am simmering and stewing impotently.  Seems to me some people can get away with anything planning wise regardless of anyone else  . .  Carl says I must not write anymore about it so I will just stew and erupt at some future point.

Tilbo is struggling to keep up with the other cria but is fine.  Here he is, having a drink with his strapped up leg!

I am reasonably pleased with how Yossarian is doing, despite him not putting on weight yet.  He is still wobbly but he does have bursts of activity.

He is quite keen on String (Pretty Cool/Sting - sadly the name String has stuck  - thanks, Barbara!) and seeks her out when he wants to play.

I made a major mistake last night and have ended up with something Sam loves!  My Mule has been out of action for several weeks now as I am still waiting for a new bit for it.  In it's place I am using The Jalopy - the little Peugeot Look I used to have as my car.  With the back seats out and the boot propped open it is okay - plus it has wipers and a heater but it is not good at towing the poo picker.  In the paper yesterday I saw something called a Polaris 6 wheel drive D Bat.  For some reason I assumed this was similar to a Mule with a nice little cab and a back bit - Carl and Sam didn't enlighten me and I sent them off with a pile of money to look at it.  It was a non runner as all electrics, brake pipes etc had been slashed but Carl can fix most things so I thought it might be okay.  Well, they bought it and it is nothing like I anticipated.  For a start it has 6 wheels, no cab and is sort of a quad with a tipping back.  The boys got it working this morning and here it is - not quite what I had in mind, I feel like I am on active manoeuvres and about to retreat from a tank attack.  Needless to say Sam thinks it is wonderful.


  1. I think the boys have set you up here!!

  2. Oh dear...will there be a place for your umbrella in wet weather?! Surely those clever chaps can build you a cab??!

  3. It looks great...just need a hood !!...never mind the brolly !!.....babies are looking great !.....Jayne