Monday 25 July 2011

It never rains, but it pours!

I hope I am not pushing my luck with that blog title - we have just cut 3rd field so no rain required!

Too late - I am looking out the window and it is raining!  I don't believe it!!!

Today has been a pig of a day and I haven't even opened my presents yet - I shall do that after my blogging.  I just cannot confess to the disaster I found in the field this morning - suffice to say that it is all my fault and it has taken me all day to sort it out.   In fact I am not going to dwell on today which has been a bit of a disaster.  We'll just have a few calming photos (which I will no doubt append the wrong names to, today being today!).  The first should be of Yossarian with String practising her Swan Lake routine.  Trouble is digging in the rolling pit while Belinda's baby, now named Be Cool - Bea for short, is standing at the side pretending to be a sphinx.

The next photo is Bea who I think is quite nice - she has certainly  got a very fleecy face and a nice beard!  All the cria look pretty grubby due to their fondness for digging and rolling!
Finally, we have Bea and Tilbo with Slink in the background - not sure what they are saying to each other!


  1. Lovely...Lovely photos, yet again Rosemary...
    Hows the sheep these days....And, hows Sammy Davis Jr. Hope there o.k. :).

    Oh! must tell you....I was in Wimborne on Sat. Wandering about, like you do...!
    Popped into a book shop and saw a book on Llamas,
    titled.....'Do Llamas Fall In Love'.
    Thought it quite funny...! :0).

  2. "Hey Tilbo, she says it's been one of those days...hows about we go and have a good old roll in the pit and keep out of her way?!"

  3. Presents?! Is today your birthday? If so happy birthday.

    Sorry to hear you've not had a good day, I'm sure tomorrow will be better - if it stops raining.

  4. Im hoping its not the worst....thing thats happened...!! and all your animals are ok ! Im sorry to read you have had such a disasterous day, guessing on your Birthday ! and its started raining....lets just hope that things get much better.....for you !....Jayne x

  5. Sounds like a hard day, hope its nothing too disasterous. If it was your birthday, belated happy many returns.

    Hope todays been better for you