Saturday, 31 August 2013

Report from the Front Line

As with others we are on a fly offensive here.  I have wafted around in a sea of lavender oil to no avail, squirted citronella until the small makes me feel sick,  tried various fly treatments etc with only a temporary effect.  Finally the big guns are back out again - Crovect.  Sherbet is a major problem due to a damaged udder which the flies are doing their utmost to attack.  She is feeding Dib Dab so I can't put much on or around it .  We had some success before with Summer Fly Cream but I am wary of it now after Sherbet rubbed some in her eye.  The second problem is still the cria eyes.  Poor Trouble's baby is suffering the worst and I think I will have to put a drop of Orbenin in tomorrow.  It is not for eye attack but it does seem to clear up the sore where they have been eaten.  I shall show you a picture tomorrow which I am sure you can't wait to see!

We have also made major inroads into the next lot of fencing which is to make a few smaller paddocks. Dude is not pleased with having his paddock shrink and has been watching proceedings very closely.
Progress is being made!  Despite the post banger breaking and being held together with great quantities of bailer twine - and the tractor (the SAME) needing a little cossetting tonight, which is what Carl is currently doing.

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  1. Had a big LOL at Dude watching the fencing activities (they are soooo nosey!):D Hope your fly problems clear up soon! Lisa :)