Thursday, 29 August 2013

Frustrating Camera times

It has been a busy week and it is not Friday yet.  Womble, the black ram, had an appointment with the vet prior to a new career as a teaser ram.  Getting him in the stock trailer was a lively experience involving a rope and a lot of brute force from Sam with me jumping around trying to avoid his horns!  Lots of topping happened in the evenings and I have spent much of my days lugging water around, putting halters on and off and writing out plans for care of a delightful group of alpacas we will be visiting to work with soon.  I have been trying to avoid clouds in order to get photos for Alpaca seller and have just about got Greeves on the sales page with updated photos of the youngsters.  Trying to take the photos is highly frustrating - you think you have got things right and then you find -
There is a fly on Mick's face.
You are in the photo with JJ and it is impossible to crop it sensibly.
An improvement - but you still have a hand in the photo
The alpaca is looking in the wrong direction
Greeves' head collar isn't fitted properly and the strap is dangling
And then you are just about to give up and - you attain perfection!
Thank you Dippy!

Hopefully, the Sales List link works but I will have to check it when I have published this blog!

Sales List