Monday, 19 August 2013

Tired Girl

Couldn't blog yesterday as I felt ill.  Probably all the excitement the day before and the fact that I got drenched.  Mother has come to the rescue with several new coats so I have no excuse for getting drenched again!

Trouble's baby is doing well, plenty of dashing around and then collapses in a heap and can't stay awake any longer!


I am glad I didn't say she was definitely brown as she isn't - a dark fawn I think.

All other cria are doing well but the flies are really bad.  I know last year we used a spray but I can't find it so I may have to get more but it was pretty expensive.  The only cria I could find without flies covering him was Dib Dab.  Not a very good photo as the sun glints of the suris.
A quick assessment of everyone yesterday makes us think we probably only have one more to give birth.  Bea is still a bit of a possibility but fairly remote.  So it is all down to Cassie now!
She is only a couple of days over the eleven months but we are having an early year and I am hoping to go to Glastonbury at the weekend for the wool festival.

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