Saturday, 17 August 2013

Trouble by name . . .

Today has been one of my most exciting alpaca days - and I am still smiling!  I know, Barbara, mine are all very early this year and today there was another one - bang on 11 months!  But - this one was a bit special!

We were doing the sheep feet when I looked over and saw Trouble looking uncomfortable.

It had just started to rain and the rain was getting harder so not the best of times.  Trouble is one of my favourites and this was her first so we rushed through the sheep and I went to check her.
Things were obviously well on the way so Carl disappeared to get fuel for the truck while I waited - and waited - and began to worry.  I could not bear it if Trouble had a problem and on checking it looked like she might.
No feet but a grumbling, coughing and spluttering  alpaca nose.  At this point I had to put the camera down so you are saved from any more back end shots!  What I have found before is that if this happens if you push the head back carefully the feet shoot out torpedo style and it worked again this time.  Please note I am no vet and no one should ever follow what I say!  Trouble was very worried by now so I continued to help her a bit in time with her contractions and out it came!   She is the one lying down at the back.  First I was worried as she was taking no notice of the cria but as soon as the afterbirth was out she came over and she stood really still while it attempted to feed.
Whatever it was I would have been ecstatic but this is even better - a girl and a lovely solid colour.  I am not going to commit myself to the colour as I thought Gloria was brown but she turned fawn.  It was starting to really pour by then so I will wait until it dries out before thinking about colour. This is another of my experimental white with a black matings.  Very exciting!

Mind you my blacks are now all sporting white noses at the moment due to my bald nose takling regime.  We are now back to using Filta bak on some and Sudacrem on others to see if either have long term benefits.  Feeding a supplement will start soon.


  1. What a beautiful girl for Trouble (and you)! Congratulations :) Lisa

  2. Congratulations! Not only early but a girl too...I am not jealous honest!

  3. Glad all went well with Trouble...her cria looks beautiful!