Saturday, 24 August 2013

New arrival and Young Farmers

Cassie has had her baby - and this time I am pretty sure it is brown and not fawn - it is a boy!  We are now about 4 to 1 boys!  He is temporarily called Wonky and, born at 11 months and 1 week, shows signs of being born a trifle too early - very down on his pasterns, bent ear and that odd folded skin thing on his back legs. He has got two ears, despite how it looks in the photo! I am sure he will be okay but it would probably have been better if he had stayed inside a little longer. 

Last night we were very late back as we were invited to the Sturminster Newton Young Farmer's Harvest Supper.  I was envisaging a few sausage rolls under a bit of cling film with a little quiche thrown in - Oh No!  A full three course sit down meal followed by cheese and biscuits and handmade chocolates served very professionally by Young Farmers dressed appropriately to the Grannys and Granddads theme - with a bit of cross dressing thrown in!  What with the Pimms and vast quantities of wine it was a very jolly evening.  I limited myself severely on the wine as I had to do a speech.  The entertainment was very funny but where did they manage to acquire a coffin from?  And lovely legs on the boy in the very short plastic nurses outfit!

I thought maybe that was it on the cria front this year - but there is still a question mark over Belinda.  Meanwhile, here is Trouble's baby.

Sherbet's little suri boy, Dib Dab.
Gorgeous Gloria
And Maria
Have to try and photograph the rest tomorrow - weather is not good now and rain may be returning.


  1. Congratulations Rosemary. I would say definitely brown this time. What colour is mum?

    1. Mum is a brown - not a good quality alpaca but a nice solid colour!

  2. Just gorgeous photos of beautiful cria Rosemary, you must be so very proud :D Lisa

  3. Ahhh! I'm soooo jealous...missing some babies this year but we've put our orders in now for next yeas!