Thursday, 8 August 2013

And . . . Relax!

Show preparations going like a dream.  Picked the rosettes up from a layby in Dorchester at 5pm this evening - who needs them any earlier than that.  Picked our new alpaca hurdles and took them to Ellingham to try out - they are a little taller than your normal alpaca hurdles - we were asked if we intended showing giraffes - it doesn't hurt to be different.  Six alpacas were not on the results sheets and one needed to move class - a great learning experience getting to grips with formatting cells in Excel at THREE O'CLOCK in the morning.  Put the finishing touches on halter training the two young boys - they do say the dress rehearsal is always worse than the actual event.

To be truthful today has been a bit stressful!  And the source of the problem is Bianca, Sam's alpaca.  This morning I was convinced she was about to produce.
I took some hay to put in the shelter but made the mistake of leaving it by the fence while I went in the shelter and cleaned it out.  By the time I came out of the shelter the hay was everywhere and Bianca was lying in the middle of it.  She bulged a lot, rolled around, lay with her legs in the air - and then went back to eating for a while.  We then had fence chewing and spitting at anyone who got too close.  Bianca is not one for moving much at the best of times but she did a bit of rolling.

I couldn't leave her to go and do the neck label things for the show, or put the catalogues in envelopes - which is why it is now nearly morning and I am writing a blog.  By the time I could put off going for the rosettes no longer she was more normal so I am assuming she was just uncomfortable but I am going up as soon as it gets light to check on her.  No point going to bed now.


  1. Good luck Rosemary! Hard work but rewarding; adding another alpaca show to the circuit.

  2. Having organised shows I know how stressful it is and with impending births to juggle too it's far too stressful!

    Good luck.