Sunday, 4 August 2013

(no) Camera skills

We really haven't stopped over the last few days.  Shearing is now over (I think), all shearing kit now removed from the Truck and put away - which means the Truck bounces around more not having a generator etc in it.  No more cria to report but Sam's Bianca is 11 months tomorrow and does not look as if she will be too long.  I am afraid I am having a little problem with my blacks and it would be interesting to know if anyone else suffers the same problem - bald noses!  It has happened before and I put Camrosa on it for a few days and the hair grows back.  It is not mites - there is no problem anywhere else and it is only the blacks.  Zara has it and so does Harry and now Zara's baby has a bald nose.  I remember someone writing on their blog about zinc supplements and I am wondering if that might help.  Apart from that everyone is okay.  We were halter training this afternoon and Sam was asked to get photos for the blog but I have just looked at the camera and there are 37 of Prue the Blue Eyed White who is not the one I wanted to feature!

So, courtesy of Sam, here is Dib Dab with half a head.

And Forgie - looking in the wrong direction.
Now if I had asked Sam to take a photo of his new vehicle it would have been a very different matter!
Sam Aylett


  1. Rosemary, I have found that the darker girls and some of my blacks had a baldy nose over the winter months, till I got a really good supplement from Valley View Animal Feeds, near you !! It has a very high zinc/selenium and vits and minerals plus Carob, its worked wonders with my alpacas!! Might be worth having a look at it ....I shall re check the name now and tell you what it is called ..... Jayne

  2. Alfalfa-Carob Supper Supplement !! thats the stuff I was on about, might be worth having a look at it .... Jayne

  3. We have had success with zinc supplements Rosemary. The problem is that it does have a distinctive smell and some wont have it. We feed double rations of Camelibra which is higher in zinc to those with problems. As you say nearly always blacks. I will be interested to hear other comments.

  4. When we did have an issue with bare noses, we took your advice and used Filtabak and it seemed to work...might make black noses look funny though! Our black noses are fine but flies round the eyes are our issue of the moment with a couple of animals! Could they be rubbing because of flies as we notice that the flies love the darkest alpacas?

    1. You know I had forgotten about Filtabak! I remember I used it on Bert but I don't remember putting it on noses - we didn't have any blacks then anyway. I am going to search my own blog and find out who we used it on as well as Bert!
      The bit about the flies is interesting.