Saturday, 10 August 2013


Ellingham Show today so I am tired, crumpled and my feet hurt!  Organising was a huge learning curve and I have huge respect for all show organisers!  We did have a lot of advise beforehand but you soon realise how much you don't know!

Anyway it all went in a bit of a blur but the most remembered bits were -

Checking in animals to discover the operator of the microchip reader was not wearing his glasses (quickly remedied)

The delight on the face of a first time exhibitor in the ring with his first place rosette.

Lots of interest from the public with a good number watching the showing.

The willingness of all exhibitors to make things work and the efficiency with which people got them selves into the right place at the right time despite my efforts.

Sam telling Mark Steele far more than he would ever want to know about cattle.

The whole of the area we had being filled with alpacas and several people exclaiming they had never seen so many alpacas at one time!

Karen Oglesby's muffins.

The swelling breast on a colour champion winner.

Plus, for the first time ever, I had to go in the show ring with an alpaca (it wasn't one of mine and it  was so well behaved I think it could have done it without me).

So, congratulations and thank you to , Viv and Andy, to Carl and Sam.  To Liz Barlow our judge (with her apprentice Joy Whitehead), the superb Garry Naish and all the brave competitors who supported the show!


  1. Well done Rosemary. I know that feeling (minus Karen's muffins! ) what a relief when it is all over!

  2. Sounds as if all your hard work paid off...well done!

  3. Phew !! you survived, now go and have a lie down to prepare for next year !!! Looks and sounds like a fantastic day .... Jayne

  4. It was a great show, and a wonderful day! Thank you!

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed it thank you to you and your team for a fun day!