Thursday, 22 August 2013

Held at Gunpoint

I ALMOST did something very silly - only Andy's words of reason have saved me from being £1200 down!  I  received an email earlier purporting to come from an esteemed SWAG member who had been held up at gun point in a far away place and who had no money or means of getting home.  I did think but could see no way it could be a scam so was all ready to wire money - despite not really knowing this lady other than by name and reputation.  At the last minute I thought - Why would she ask me for money?  Why not go  to The British Consulate?  What on earth is she doing in The Philippines?  How come her grammar is so bad?  Quick phone call and it was confirmed that I am an Idiot.  Mind you, it is very easy to get caught by these things.

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