Friday, 9 August 2013


Drama this morning when Bianca started to produce two lovely little legs - no head.   Bianca lay there and let me have a good old ferret around with no problems.  She had a lovely big white boy who is the liveliest one to date!  He was born just before 11am and was chasing Zara's cria around the field by 11.30am. 
The only ones who took notice of him were Ohno and Dib Dab who keep themselves to themselves and only play with each other!
I was very glad she gave birth this morni9gn as it would have been a worry to leave her and it could have gone very wrong if we were not there.  He is another quite early one - 11 months last Monday.

Show is now pretty much organised although I am bound to remember something else in the middle of the night.  Hopefully everything will remain safely in the tent ready to be put out in the morning - - but the wind is getting up a bit . . .


  1. Good Luck & Congratulations ... now try and get some sleep.. you have a big day ahead ...Don't forget to try and enjoy it too .... Jayne

  2. Congratulations to Bianca (and Sam) on her little (big) boy :) Glad to hear all the show prep's are going smoothly Rosemary :) Lisa