Thursday, 1 August 2013

Cabbage Patch Kid

Hot again and I am wilting!

We have had a good bit of rain and that has filled up all the water tanks so I am no longer struggling for water.  No more attack incidents and all animals are fine.  Today the babies were very lively despite the heat.  Little black boy, tentatively named Forgie (Blackfolds Forgie) discovered he can crawl though the hole on one side of the field shelter but no one else can.  This makes a great game as the other cria seem to think  he has disappeared

and then jump around in surprise when he charges round the back and in again at the front!  Rupert, Emily's baby, scared himself when he got a large leaf stuck on his head in the manner of a cabbage patch doll.

Sherbet's cria also has a name - Dib Dab!

We also collected six of last years lambs who we had sold to Hope Nature Centre - we swap them each year so they have young lambs for the visitors.  One of them is Shovel who regular readers may remember is Grace's baby from last year.  Grace is a tiny Southdown sheep and I really struggled with getting Shovel out.  In the end, with Sam's help and a couple of bit s of bailer twine, we got him out but thought he was dead.  He wasn't but Grace rejected him for over a week before she decided  she liked him after all.  He is back now and he really does remember me which I find really exciting.  He is the most gorgeous cuddly sheep.  Here he is now.

And here he is when he was a lamb - smaller but still the same!


  1. Rupert looks a babe Rosemary...nice fleece?

    1. To be honest I am not sure, Barbara! Mine seem to change from good to not so good (and occasionally vice versa!). He looks good at the moment apart from a little flaw - a little brown smudge on one leg - so not a potential stud whatever!

  2. Shovel looks a bit like Norris, !! sounds like he is lovely natured ....little Rupert looks so sweet with his little sun hat on !! Jayne