Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Vehicle woes

We have had a vehicular themed week so far.  The Polaris had got stuck in the snow in third field so Carl took the Nissan up to sort it out - which he did - but then, on the way back the Nissan tried to take a short cut sideways down the bank into first field.  Lots of jacking up on one side, shoving and slightly tense looks got it back on track.  Then, this morning, I did the animals and then went to get my hair done as we are gong  out tonight.  Rather pointless with all the rain and strong winds but I did take my bath hat to wear in he field afterwards.  When I arrived back at the fields I watched a field shelter take off and land firmly against the electric fence.  I was in such a rush to check no animals were involved (they were not) that I forgot to turn off my car lights.
When I went to leave the fields my battery was flat.  This caused much  cursing a Carl is in Devon or some such place, Sam was at work and I was stuck without comestibles or other important necessities.  Then a brain wave struck - I have AA membership!  Finding a mobile signal was a challenge but after only 40 minutes a lovely man arrived and, once we had locate the bonnet release catch, he got me going AND he did not seem at all phased that I had left my lights on!

Now I am going to prepare myself for an evening out and send Sam out later to sort out the shelter which I have managed to temporarily prevent from moving any further - I hope!


  1. Enjoy the night out...sounds as though you deserve it! I agree, AA men are far more accepting that these things happen when we're busy and distracted...easily sorted and never mentioned again! I don't think you should even bother to tell Carl!

  2. LOL, did you still have your bath hat on when the AA man arrived or was your hair still lovely??? :) Lisa

  3. Hope the shelter is soon firmly fixed .... what an evening,glad the AA came to the rescue and you eventually managed to get back home ......Jayne