Thursday, 3 January 2013

Throbbing Derriere

Sad news to start the day but there was no rain and no drizzle plus Sam came home at lunch time and helped me with the weaning so things cheered up.  The weanlings are having a great time jumping round their weaning pen - they have a bank which they are loving.  Cassie is in there to look after them and she is also enjoying it as she is getting extra rations.  I decided Tulisa might as well be weaned as well and she has suddenly started eating hard feed.  This is very funny as she likes to share a trough with Cassie who is not pleased.  Cassie never spits but screeches if anyone gets near her food.  Tulisa has the temerity to spit at her which stops Cassie dead - I don';t think she believes anything so tiny should be capable of standing up to her!  Little Star is also in with them, mainly by default as it was supposed to be Zara but Zara was not having any of it and Little Star  was insistent she wanted to go with Cassie.  I suppose they know best.

The boys are completely unfazed by the weather and are very lively at the moment.  Today was terrorising chickens day. 

And YES - that is a positive mountain of uncleared alpaca poo by the shelter, I am sorry!

Interspersed with fighting

and a little posing thrown in
I am now going to soak in the bath for a bit due to a sore lower body - sometimes known as Land Rover Bum - Sam has bought himself a Land Rover and I have spent much time being driven around in it whilst he extols it's many virtues - chief of which is NOT comfort!  Which reminds me of another hightly uncomfortable 36 hours almost 18years ago - more on that tomorrow!


  1. Aah, 'throbbing derriere', a condition I know well. Not as bad as 'stinging behind' or 'arse on fire', both conditions I am far too familiar with!

  2. I think I must have been reading your post rather to fast over breakfast...when I read that your weanlings have a bank that they are loving, I had to skip back to re-read! My first vision was a branch of Nat West, (or the likes of), with the weanlings nipping in to draw out their Christmas money to splash out in the sales! How bizare that it was that sort of "bank" that came to mind first!! Alpacas...they lead us towards insanity!!