Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snow remains

Going into Stur yesterday the roads were fine and I planned to actually drive up Bell hill to do the animals but a meeting with the Shepherd at the bottom of the hill led to a change of plan.  The hill is okay as far as the sheep field and then it is a big problem - a shaky woman had just given up and come back and the Shepherd advised not.  I walked along to have a look and was glad I had not attempted it as the snow had compacted and kind of banked up on one side meaning any skidding pushed you over to the hill side - not good!  Even this afternoon Sam's Land Rover slid on it.  The cut is also not good news.
We had to dig our way in through the gate again.
The girls did venture away from the field shelter this afternoon - but not for long!

Tomorrow I may walk up (again)!


  1. Hi Rosemary, how do your Alpacas manage if they have to stay inside due to your weather conditions? Do they just wait it out, or do they want to get back outside? :) Lisa

  2. Hi Lisa
    We do not have, unfortunately, a barn to get them into - all they have is their field shelters. These are open and they can go in or come out as they like. The ones for the girls are large enough for them all to get in if they need to - and with the weather we have at the moment they all cram in together! If they want to go out they can! I have to split my girls into two, or sometimes three lots in order for them all to fit in a field shelter and I have to be careful who goes in each group as a few will not share with the younger ones!
    At the moment I have to step over some of them to clean out and fill hay racks - there is no way Cassie and Bert are venturing out unless there is food around!