Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Our first snow of the year

With great trepidation I made my way to the filed this morning - just a smatter of icy snow on the car but the hill looked a bit white.  It is getting up the hill that is the problem - not so worried about getting down as I have just about perfected the driving half in the bank technique - Land Rover Man is a master at this one.
And - I had stopped the car before taking photo! (not sure what that thing like a cartridge belt is hanging down but I think it must be the camera strap)
The fields were all covered with snow but by lunchtime it was clearing in first field.  Still covered in second and third but third is out of sight. Up towards the ridge was completely clear but it was still hanging on for us!
The girls enjoyed their sugar beet this morning, even Tulisa, and Little Star remained at the troughs until she had checked underneath every one for every last remaining crumbs.  Sh is so grumpy at the moment I am hoping it means she is pregnant.  We didn't get the spit offs done at the weekend as I had to get to Mole Valley and Carl was off doing toenails in Somerset - alpaca not human!
I wasted a bit of time watching the birds fighting - a visitor had invaded their territory and the visitor ended up sulking in a tree.

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