Friday, 4 January 2013


The weaners survived the night and look quite perky but they are collecting a vast amount of rubbish in their fleece from the bank (as in slope and not financial!).  I am particularly disappointed in Mick as he has visitors at the weekend and I have told him to remain clean.

Should be a photo here but Blogger will not let me upload anything

Even the normally pristine Arctic is gathering leaves.

Should be a photo here but Blogger will not let me upload anything

And as for Tulisa!  She is the little one in the middle - same age as the others, and not thin, just little!

Should be a photo here but Blogger will not let me upload anything

Today, Sam is 18!  Now that really makes me feel old!  36 hours it took to produce him and he came out at a hefty 11 pounds - almost two of your normal babies.  None of his tiny baby clothes fitted until I had cut the feet out of his baby gros.
He has been working today so I have had time to construct a masterpiece of a birthday cake.  I don't do big cakes so we have an artistically arranged collection of fairy cakes - and when he gets home we will no doubt be going out in his Land Rover as a celebration!  He did not want a party, to go for a meal or any other normal type thing.  He is not even marginally interested in a trip to the pub so it will be a bottle of coke amongst the weanlings I feel!

It is my turn on church cleaning this month so I climbed the hill with a tin of pledge and a duster but every time I hoovered to my satisfaction another smattering of leaves drifted down and covered the Bishop's chair - not holly, luckily.

And a very happy birthday to the village Lion Tamer!

Sorry about the photo problem - I will try to put them in later!


  1. LOL, it does make you feel old when your 'little one' reaches 18! My first is 19 in two weeks, she also is not interested in the 'normal' party things! At least Sam likes the Landrover! Happy Birthday :)Lisa

  2. Happy Birthday Sam!

    Lion Tamer eh?...gosh we don't have such exotic wild life over here!