Saturday, 5 January 2013


Thank you for the birthday wishes for Sam - he had a lovely day!

. . . but I still cannot upload any photos.  When I go to the little picture frame thing at the top it puts up the normal bit where you upload but there is nowhere on it to select the photo.  I can only put up old photos that are already on there.  Anyone else have that problem?

So we are picture less again.  All the sheep feet have been checked today.  Stumpy and 32 both had limps and the start of foot rot but are now trimmed right back and sprayed so hopefully they will mend fine.  Field shelters, feed bin, waters and troughs have all been cleaned out but poo picking has failed again due to mud.  Weanlings feet have been checked - Tulisa is not at all keen on this!

Carl has been out beating today which he enjoyed except that it was too warm for him to wear his new Christmas coat.

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