Saturday, 5 January 2013

Cracked the photo issue

Ha Ha!!
I can do pictures - but it is a very convoluted approach and suggests blogger is at fault and not me!
This is an extra mini blogette just to prove to myself it works!
So here are the pictures that should have been there on the Birthday blog -
Mick with seed heads
Cassie with a leaf encrusted miniature Tulisa
Cassie with a leaf covered Arctic in the background
And if anyone else experiences this problem you have to put it into HTML mode o insert the images and then back into Compose to actually see them and to edit the thing - daft!
And if I have to go through this rigmarole every time I am going to be very cross!


  1. So glad my "technician" does the photos for me! I know I should, but he's so much quicker at it than me..... and we have to make them feel useful don't we?!

  2. I will try that tomorrow then!!! We've been cursing the damn thing again.