Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Big X

Can you see the Scottish Black faced?  She is not where she is supposed to be.  If you look closely you will see a puzzled looking Welsh mountain who is behaving herself on the correct side of the electric fence.  Yesterday, I discovered all four Black Scots on the wrong side of the electric fence.  As soon as I went up there they came back and I sent Carl and Sam over in the evening to put on new batteries.  This morning I found one out again but assumed she had just escaped before they did the battery and they had not spotted her in the dark.  As I went up with the hay she ran over to the fence, hooked the bottom strand of electric up with her horns and crawled back under!  She has been doing it all day.  I go up with food or hay, or just go up to say hello - and she comes back.  I go back to the car and by the time I have reached the field gate I turn round and she is back out again!  At least it is only one doing it now.
Tomorrow I shall be reassessing the situation!
And I am still having to shift between HTML and Compose to upload photos - be interested to know if you are now doing that Paul, or are you normal again?


  1. Hi Rosemary, Last year I had loads of problems with Blogger, not sure if it's the same problem now.

    But I cracked it by downloading Google Chrome, and used that for Blogger instead of using Microsoft Internet Explorer. It solved all my problems I was having with Blogger. I don't know if it will help now. Might be worth a try.


    1. Thanks Rob - will explore that tomorrow!

  2. Same here Rosemary. I either use Firefox or Chrome. Once you have loaded the photos it doesn't matter which you use for editing though.