Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow Plough?

Bit of snow today which meant I had to get a lift from Sam before he went to work as my car could not cope.  I arrived just after 6am in the dark and a blizzard which meant getting to the barn was interesting.

The only alpacas out of their shelters were Dude, who was prancing around with a snow mountain on his back, Bea, Trouble and The Slink who were snuggled up together with their heads on each others backs.  No photos of alpacas as I forgot I had the camera with me until later.

The sheep have got through several bales of hay - all of which have had to be carried up the hill by hand.  They did appreciate them which I am glad of as it was an almighty struggle.

The problem was the snow drifting which meant every now and again I sank!

Carl picked me up after he got home, the drifts at the sides of the road were quite big but we had no problems - until -

 we had a slight delay just before Fifehead as a tractor had lost it's scraper so Carl lent  hand.
Had to break off there to take delivery of a giant -heavy- box addressed to Sam which appears to contain (the box was broken - I did not peak!) a snow plough!!

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  1. Despite making a comment of the obvious - it looks very cold! It actually looks nice compared to the heat we have here, although I am sure you will disagree :) :) Lisa