Saturday, 2 February 2013

Feet, and yet more feet

The themes for the last few days have been feet and worries.  I had my feet attended to on Friday - bit of a dodgy nail again. We have also been out doing other alpaca feet and only managed to get our alpacas done today.  Some were a little stroppy - hopefully this means they are pregnant.  Bert sat down for hers and put up with it!
In fact she then followed us round and got in the way when everyone else was having theirs done.

We had to do everyone in the field as the track was just too muddy to get them into the catch pens by the barn.  I am still left with Flemenco, Islay and Lily to do tomorrow as we have to pop out this evening and needed to get back.  Just hope there isn't too much rain tomorrow.
Sam had a couple of hours off this afternoon and was mobbed by one group of girls when he arrived.
And as to the worry . . . not something for the blog I am afraid but hopefully things will look much brighter later in the week.


  1. Keep focussed on the positives...the things that worry us to bits today generally turn around and in a week will seem insignificant! (If, however, it's something more serious, hope you get through it.)

  2. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one dealing with stroppy Alpacas! :) Lisa

  3. I know all about worries at the minute, so I'm thinking about you. Stay positive and your box buddy is here if ever you what a chat!

  4. Hope things improve for you soon ..... nice pictures and lovely to see grass not snow ! Jayne