Wednesday, 13 February 2013


It is about time I flummoxed you all with jolly blogging and good news but that will have to wait a few days.  Tomorrow it is back to Dorchester for what is called The Results so we have been keeping ourselves busy here.  This morning I moved the new Welsh mountains and they were exceedingly well behaved until I, rather stupidly, tried to make them walk under the  electric fence I had picked up.  They were not going to do that so after Sam had done a bit of shouting at me and telling me I was daft we grouped and tried again more successfully.
Today's real problem, however, has been Sam's alpaca - Sapphire.  Yesterday I noticed her limping at lunchtime.  I had to go to Dorchester then so asked Sam to check her in the evening thinking she had slipped in the mud and strained something.  (On the way up the cut to Dorchester I met The Shepherd coming down with 100 fat lambs so that delayed things slightly.)  We had to go out in the evening (more on that another time) but Sam checked Sapphire and said she was just mildly limping.  Today we checked her over properly and she has some infection between the nail and the pad.  That has been cleaned out but all the medicines were back oat the house so I shall go up in a minute and give her some antibiotics.  It is obviously very painful but we managed to squeeze out a lot of muck.


  1. A while back we had to treat a cracked pad and found some thick tarry looking iodine stuff. It's a great product... you can either dip the foot in it or use a paintbrush and it stays on! I think we got it from Homestead.

    Hope so much that the "results" are positive.

    1. Thank you, Judi - I will have a look for that.

  2. No .... snow ! on your recent photo ! Hope Sapphire is soon on the mend ... Jayne