Monday, 11 February 2013

A Gulley Sucker's mate and Jack FM

Thank goodness for Jack FM!  I do not usually listen to music in the car but I do have a few favourite CDs which I play when in a good mood - Neil Diamond is the latest as I can sing Sweet Caroline very loudly and very out of tune.  However, Sam tuned me into Jack FM and I find it very, very funny so it has been a humorous day despite everything.  In fact I was laughing so much over -

It's hard to know what to make of the Liberal Democrats at the moment - you just can't tell who's in the driving seat.

that I didn't notice at first I had an exhaust problem.  I am now blowing like a crazy thing and only capable of 20mph.  Carl is out there fixing that with one hand whilst dealing with a 'poo problem' with the other - not a personal poo problem, I hasten to add, but a problem with the pump that pumps our sewage and out neighbours into the main drains.  We appear to have a blockage again but the neighbour, fortunately, has a mate with a gulley sucker (no idea what that is but I like the sound of it!).

The exhaust has to be fixed as we have a hospital appointment with the bone marrow people tomorrow - I though that was just something dogs liked so that will be an experience.

Sunday saw the arrival of four more Black Welsh Mountains and they are gorgeous!  I have them in a little isolation paddock where they have been wormed and liver fluked and where I was planning to bucket train them so they would be easier to manage - unnecessary!  They run over whenever they see me coming and the one with the red ear tags loves to be stroked and cuddled - she wags her tail like a dog!  I have a picture of her but it is on my phone and I don't know how to get it off so that will have to go on another blog.

I got a little panicked this afternoon when snow started to fall.  There was none laying in the village but it was on the hill although it seems to have stopped now so I think that will be okay.  Dude was very restless and I could not work out why until I noticed the hunt on the other side of the hill.  Not a good photo as every one is filthy.

The hounds were charging around and then I saw the fox walking, not a care in the world, along the Drove.  I haven't seen a fox for ages - I think the combination of electric fences and alpacas put them off!


  1. HeHe! Made me chuckle....You take care with ALL that singing Rosemary...Think...The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music...Would be more appropriate....! :)

    And, as for the Lib Dems and politicians in general...
    Politicians are like nappies...They should be changed more often...And for the same reason..!!

  2. Hope the hospital stuff is going ok...just keep singing!

  3. A gulley sucker?! Sounds intriguing, I have to look that up! :) Lisa