Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Flippin' Romneys!

Busy day today.  Sam had his day off and took the opportunity to have a good look at his favourites.  Trouble was not quite as friendly as usual which I am pleased about because I really hope she is pregnant.  She still likes a cuddle from me so, despite her spitting off, I was a little doubtful.  I am hoping that it is just that she knows me very well due to being bottle fed.

Sam also had the opportunity  to experience carting water and hay in my new field vehicle - a wheelbarrow!
I don't think I have mentioned yet my new acquisitions.  Romney sheep are very calm and easily handled - NOT these monsters I have got! 

They came on Sunday and have been quarantined in the little paddock.  This was to give me the chance to fecal sample them and get them used to cake - something they have never had before.  Today I wanted Sam to help me check a limpers leg - no way!  They went crazy, one jumped the fence and headed towards roadside.  We ended up having to take down a bit of fence to get it back in and the feet still are not done!  Sam was most dismissive of them and told me they were the ones that ate people in the film Black Sheep - I am rapidly going off them - give me a Scottish Black Faced any day!

Tomorrow it is back to Dorchester hospital where we should have results - last lot of results ended up with more tests but after CT Scan, PET scan, blood test, bone marrow and ECG I don't think there are many more tests available!

Carl is in hysterics at the moment over the Saniflo add which reminds us of the start to a soft porn film (not that we have watched much soft porn) we can't be the only ones who find the advert hysterical surely?

 . . . oh, and thank you Jayne - we could be in luck with the Velux windows - they are coming to look at them and I think they may replace all four for free!


  1. I'll do you a swap, your Romney's for my blackies!

  2. Excellent news regarding the windows...Im glad I mentioned it !! ....hope things calm down with the new arrivals ....they'll be following you with a bucket in no time !! ....Jayne