Friday, 22 February 2013

More, Please!

Staring on the blog today is Prue - not one of my 'elite' alpacas!

It is so cold here we are back on the morning sugar beet which most of the girls love, Prue included, but they do end up with very black mouths!
I am back to breaking the waters twice a day again and the alpacas are all stepping up their hay intake.  Hopefully, Carl is going to have my Mule going soon.  At the moment it is on blocks in the garage having a lot of welding, grinding and hammering.  Failing that the old road car (a Honda Civic I think) is going to be modified to become the filed transport.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us so hopefully a more interesting blog to come!


  1. Great photo...don't listen to her Prue...not elite indeed!

  2. Prue looks like she is enjoying the breakfast ... its cold here to, Im sure it felt like Spring last week .... keep warm .. Jayne

  3. LOL, Prue looks like she is puckering up for a kiss! :) Lisa