Monday, 25 February 2013

On your bike!

Bitterly cold here still but the alpacas prefer it to the rain and the mud.  Despite there being quite a while to go I am already looking for baby bulges.  I have a few I am particularly . . .

Blog writing had a sudden break off there as there was an enormous bang in the house and further investigation found the velux window in the hall had exploded!  From the inside!  Shall have to investigate what caused that after clearing up glass!

But I divert, I am particularly looking forward to Little Star giving birth - if she does.  It will be her first cria and I am very interested to see what she produces, if anything.  She was the first cria I bottle fed - one of Bert's babies.  Here she is with Emily behind her (another one I am really looking forward to).  Sherbert (another one I can't wait to see) is lying by the hayrack with Bert.
Actually, I am looking forward to them all I now realise!
Carl saw the Shepherd last week and he said we should put the sheep up in third.  We have never put them up there and the fence is not all stock fencing.  It took me two days to electric fence part of second and that was with the Mule but the Shepherd said he would bring his Bike over on Sunday and we would have it done in 20 minutes!  He was not lying! 
His bike (quad) carries three roles of electric fencing on the back which it gradually unreels and the Shepherd throws the posts out as he goes along.   Carl and I had to run to keep up, sticking the posts in as we went.  I cannot believe how quick it was!
Now I really must go and clear up glass and see how much a new Velux is!  But one more aside first - I cannot type the word field (that took two attempts) it always comes out as filed!  You may have noticed that on previous blogs.


  1. We once had imploding windows ... it was a fault with the vacum/gas inside, being faulty.... it might be worth getting in touch with the manufacturer ! We got all ours replaced with toughened glass ..for free !! Jayne

    1. Will research that one - thanks Jayne!

  2. Sorry I know nothing about glass, or sheep for that matter....I do however know about waiting with excitement to see what our home bred alpacas produce (and the rest of course) . Bring on summer!!