Sunday, 17 February 2013

Soon be Spring

Good news and no news today.

Sapphire no longer has much of a limp.  She is grazing and moving normally with just a slight lifting of her foot every now and again - obviously still sore but on the mend.  We moved everyone around a bit yesterday to try to get them away from some of the mud which is still very slippery.  Moving went like clockwork with the exception of Dippy who somehow made it back in with his Mum - she, Belinda, was not at all pleased about that and once he had been unceremoniously lifted over the fence into his rightful paddock I think he was pleased to be back with his friends.  Here he is with Jess - mind you I don't think he can see much at the moment, he needs his fringe trimmed!

We also managed to do spit offs with everyone just to check how things were going.  I was very surprised as everyone spat off.  The only one  who didn't was String who hadn't been mated as she was a bit smaller than the others.  Bert, obviously, I didn't try as she also han't been mated yet due to a late birth last year.  The girls moving around caused a bit of hysteria amongst the boys who all fancied a closer look!

Carl and I then had a 'discussion' about Cool Dude.  He has done well but we now have several of his daughters and I think he really needs to go on our sales list and we think about a new stud to move us on.  Carl is very attached to Dude - it's a man thing - and is being a trifle resistant!  I have said we will mull it over for a week or so but I know what will be happening and am preparing some photos!  Needs a bit better weather though as today's were all too muddy.
My Mule is almost sorted now and I will be very glad when it is as a lot of walking and carrying is happening at the moment.  We do still have the D-Batt but it is addicted to Eazi start and is a real pain.  Carl used it today to fill up the sheep waters so that is one job done from tomorrows list already!

On the expected results last Thursday we are still in limbo as tests that should have happened did not happen and we still have the joy of a PET scan next  week.  Dorchester hospital is very good but I cannot understand why they have several different appointment systems so one department cannot access or talk to with another automatically - strange.


  1. Im with Carl .. Keep Dude !! find him some new girlfriends ...its nice to see some fine weather .... Jayne

  2. He is a handsome boy that Dude and he has such good looking cria...I don't think he will be on the for sale list for long!

  3. I'm sure it's a difficult decision re-Cool Dude and it's always sad to see an old friend move on! As long as he has lots of girls, he'll be happy!!

  4. If I was over there, I would buy him! :) Lisa