Thursday, 28 February 2013

A £10 bet

A morning spent discussing chemotherapy followed by an afternoon of walking nonchalantly past the Romneys in an effort to get them more familiar with me - it is not working!  Such a difference from the alpacas some of whom like Trouble, Yossarian, Lina and Emily you can just walk up to in the field and catch.  The others just need a bit of rope attached to a fence post, walk behind them with the other end of the rope to gather them up and get the one you need.  Works for nearly all with the exception of Little Star and Harry.  Harry is getting better but Little Star is a complete monkey and too clever by half.  She is fine when she is in a holding pen but getting her there is another matter!  Mind you she is far easier than the fearful Romneys!

Saturday, Carl says he will get the Romneys in a pen no problem - I have bet him £10 he will not do it easily!!

Sorry there are no photos - things on my mind - but will have a bit of a photo shoot at the weekend.


  1. Sorry Rosemary things obviously troubling on the health front but unsure what it is so I will just say I hope things are resolved soon x

  2. Hope thing work out with the Chemo and for the bet I sort of hope you lose because that means you will be on to a winner with them! xx

  3. Hope everything turns out ok with the chemo least those Romneys seem to be providing a little distraction! Enjoy a nice bottle of wine with that £10!

  4. Hope everything is OK with you Rosemary??? :) Lisa