Sunday, 3 March 2013

Getting over a cold

Thank you for your comments and emails - I am fine and only have a cold.  Mother is the one who is rather unwell but we start treatment next Wednesday and that is very positive.

Carl only catches up on my blog sometimes and yesterday when he read it he said I ought to make it clear who was ill, sorry for any confusion.

My cold prevented me from doing anything all day but Carl was on hand to sort out the animals - I just struggled up there in the evening to check on one of the sheep I am a little concerned about.  Today I felt much better and we went over to see the Rent boys and do their feet.  They love it where they are and are completely at home.  Feet were done with no struggle at all so we came back to check over the weanlings and a couple of the girls.  Next weekend we are really going to have to sort out a few topknots as several of them are peering through fleece!
Sam arrived and helped me get the sheep down so I could check the Chevvy who is breathing heavily.  We have gone for antibiotics in case it is pneumonia, twin lamb drench in case it is that and a wormer - hopefully, that lot will sort her out!  Sam then finished refurbishing his trailer.
Whilst Carl cut logs (pallet wood as we are out of logs)
and I sat and moaned that I wanted to go back to bed!


  1. You just need some sunshine to send that cold packing! Hope all goes well for your Mum, I too thought that it was you who was ill.