Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Angry Bird

Well - very angry, spitting feathers actually - not sure about the bird bit though.

I am winding myself up into a fury and feel like an insignificant little person which is not a feeling I like.  I have been in this position before over a show which was a ground breaking idea but got ground down - now it is happening all over again and I don't like it.  I shall get over my George Orwell moment whilst cooking a lasagna (not sure if that should be an e on the end but the spell check says a) and then go back to doing what I am told but I don't like it one little bit.

It is very cold here but the snow did not materialise much which was not a bad thing.  So I am reverting to last summer pictures.
Tomorrow it is back to the hospital for Mother's appointment but Sam is off so he will be able to sort out the animals - hard work at the moment with all the hay required and the water constantly freezing.


  1. Glad you told us that your photo was not recent...t-shirts? We certainly aren't wearing t-shirts at the moment and the paddocks are white not green!

  2. Lovely photo reminds us that summer may come even if spring is reluctant. As for that feeling...it happens to us all...keep smiling!

  3. What a gorgeous photo Rosemary! :) Lisa

  4. Rebel! Don't do it! Sometimes you need to stand up and be counted!