Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The bird has flown!

Angry bird went away today - it had to really as I am powerless!  Never mind we push on (one day I will turn into a fighter, Mark!)

I was still a little grumpy this morning but this afternoon was so funny I cheered up immensely.  This blog is now about to show off my video taking skills (non existent).  The other day I noticed when Bianca yawned she had something which looked very much like fighting teeth so this afternoon Sam and I decided to have a good look.  Bianca is Sam's alpaca so he held her and stroked the side of her mouth and said,  "Show us your teeth, Bianca" and she did!  Not a one off because she did it several times.  By the time I had worked out how to operate the video I think Bianca was a bit bored so it is not quite so impressive but I thought it was funny!

This was the second attempt as the first was a masterpiece of incompetence but will show you how Sam and I really are when together in the field!!

Sam then went away in disgust to fix a new engine into his garden tractor.

He was very excited about this until he did a sharp turn and the bonnet flew off!


  1. 'GET A MOVE ON!!' LOL, both videos are hilarious - I think you did well. What a cutie Bianca is :) Lisa

  2. Well those videos made my day! Rosemary, you sound just like me with technology the world knows!!

  3. Nice to hear the well oiled machine is running smoothly at Westhill Alpacas !! Hope that Spring comes soon and Sam manages to get that bonnet secured before the next gush of wind !! ;0) Jayne

  4. At least we didn't get any shots of your feet - my usual trick!