Saturday, 9 March 2013

Rushing around

Despite me hanging on to a horrible cold which prevents me from breathing or sleeping we have had a busy day.  Animals were fed and watered first thing.  I took three shearing bookings and committed to two talks ( hope I don't bore them all rigid!) whilst Carl put a new exhaust on my car.  Friday it was held together with all sorts and only just survived the day.  Carl then painted the bed of the Mule so it is ready to go back into action tomorrow - half of it is now the old Fiesta so not sure how long it will last.  Sam then returned from work and took me into Stur to get a bit of shopping for Mother then it was back to the field to attack topknots and administer vitamin D. Some were in real need of being able to see out!

 Sam took the photos and seems to want to do everything in close up.

 All went smoothly except Carl did get a bit annoyed with me when I forgot I was supposed to be holding them and started examining fleece instead.  (and it is not really that warm here - I am in just my T shirt as I was overheating, probably got a bit of a temperature from the cold I have!)

Then it was more feeding and clearing shelters followed by a bit of computer work and now I am about to sit down and look at what the weather has in store for us!

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