Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter to the Grave Digger!

I have been a bit behind with the blog lately - as the Grave Digger reminded me!  So a quick update is in order.  Not much to report on the alpaca front.  All are doing well but they could really do with more grass.  Luckily there is lots of hay left and they are making good use of that but I can't believe I am still breaking water twice a day.

Main  focus at the moment is the sheep as the first 10 could be due to lamb soon.  I am not totally sure when as they are new ones and I don't know when they were served.  The four new Welsh Mountains are nicely bagged up so may be Monday onwards.  The Romneys are also looking close.  They have masses of wool and it is hard to see their udders - it is also hard to get closer than six foot to four of them!   Two come down to the trough but the other four just stand at the highest point and stare at me.  I am very hopeful, however, that they will get better as the previously wild Scottish Black Faced are now much better - in fact one is positively tame and comes over to be stroked with a particular love of having her tummy rubbed!  Sorry about the quality of the pictures - taken on my phone - and I am not sure why we are standing at an angle!

 Last night I crept up the bank commando style and managed to get a glimpse of one Romney back end - and was a little worried as it looked suspiciously like a prolapse could be imminent.  I don't want to get them off the hill and down to the race before I have to as I don't like them running around too much when they are big so Sam came over this afternoon and we surprised one Romney at the trough and she has a big bag so tomorrow they will have to come down and the Romneys and four new BWM can go in the birthing paddock.  The prolapse hasn't progressed so spoon at the ready but not yet in use!

Over this weekend I hope to get some alpaca photos!


  1. Oh my goodness - no knickers!

  2. Haha nice one GHN - I had to read again to 'get your drift'!