Monday, 8 April 2013

First Lamb

Still pretty cold here but Sunday the sun paid a fleeting visit - we need it to stay longer and warm up a bit as grass is in increasingly short supply.  There are bits of green but they are few and far between.
It must remind Bert of her old home in Peru (sort of)!
But the big news for today is the arrival of the first lamb - born to one of the Romney's in the night.  It's very fast, very lively and a little girl.  This is as near as I can get to it without the aid of a crook, an assistant and a pair of running shoes!


  1. The lamb is gorgeous! What a great mother/daughter photo. A video of you trying to catch it would be good :) :) Lisa

  2. That's a sign of a healthy lamb! Hope there are lots more to come, we start the end of next week.