Friday, 26 April 2013

One (almost) clever girl with 'amazing' hair!!!

On a sensible note to begin with - no lambs, a VERY slow start to lambing.  Very over excited alpacas with lots of merry pronking by the youngsters.  Much poo has been collected.
Not a good photo as I took it on my phone.  I then attempted to get it from the phone to the computer which Sam told me I had to use the Blue tongue for.  I eventually managed to work out how to do this and lots of flashing ensued but nothing seemed to go anywhere.  Sam has just done it for me but still hasn't explained how, he just keeps giggling which is of no use whatsoever.  And this daft mood of his is despite him having arrived home from work last night and announcing that he felt it was time he grew up a bit.  I wondered what was coming next until he said he was going to have a shower (without being forced into the bathroom) and then tidied his bedroom (without me threatening to hoover up all his nuts and bolts on the floor).
Anyway here is the photo of the youngsters at the end of a bit of pronking.
I have been in an odd mood after a strange experience driving through Hazelbury Bryan yesterday.  If you have ever seen photos of me on the blog you will know I take very little interest in my appearance generally but I do have moments when I do catch sight of myself and fear I must be scaring small children.  I have been particularly concerned about my hair and was considering getting it severely cut but then yesterday there was a very odd occurrence.  Going up past the Antelope I slowed for another car and she pulled alongside, rolled down her window and asked directions.  These I gave and then she said ( and I may not have the wording quite right which is adding to the puzzle), "What amazing hair you have!"  I can't work out if this is good or bad - I certainly look in the mirror sometimes and think, "Flippin' heck!"


  1. LOL, Rosemary did you mean bluetooth? We need to see photos of that amazing hair...come on...get your photo on here! :) Lisa

  2. Do you know the micron .. of your hair !! Just wondering as you all appear to be in a strange spring mood !! I do agree, could it be sun stroke,by chance. No chance of that up here .... its still brass monkeys ! with hats on !!...Jayne

  3. Must be a compliment, but we haven't see you on the blog for ages. I think Sam needs to get the camera out!

  4. Old grey woolly vest27 April 2013 at 00:18

    Rosemary, you have gorgeous hair, it was definitely a compliment.
    As for Sam, could it be a GIRL?!

  5. Wow, what a compliment and from a stanger that's even better so, come on Rosemary...we want photos!