Wednesday, 24 April 2013

No hablo español

Today has been one of those days!  A brief interlude of calm for a visit to the library van at lunch time but before and after were frustrating.

I began with a simple trip to stock up on diesel for the tractors and what a nightmare that was.  I have done nothing wrong but now feel I may have to change my name and emigrate to Cuba.  I also have a bruised tummy and a bad back!   I then tried to track down a gardener for mother - things looked bleak but then suddenly gardeners started popping up everywhere - maybe a surfeit of gardeners now!

Sam then came to help me move four Black Welsh Mountains, six Romneys and assorted lambs back up with the rest of the flock.  This should have been simple and it was not.  One Romney and her lamb is still in the wrong place.  Plus I have a bruised toe to add to my injuries - maybe a trip to Cuba would be a good thing (but I don't speak Spanish).

Reg is doing well but has developed a liking for riding around in the Mule with me which can be a nuisance as I am worried I am going to drive over him as he charges along trying to get in!


  1. Ah! Look! Lovely! Wait till he gets his licence...!
    Forget Cuba Rosemary...I'll teach ya Italian, then you can go to Sicily...You'll be safe there! :0).

  2. Reg just wants some driving lessons and then he can help you on your rounds!

  3. What an impressive list of injuries! Hope you are ok, how did you manage all of that? How could you resist Reg? He is too cute, I would end up with him in the house with me. :) Lisa

  4. Reg is so sweet, but watch out he sounds like he could turn in to Mia, my pet lamb from 5 years ago who thinks she's a human or a dog - even now she's in the house at every opportunity and seems to produce lambs with the same instincts!!