Saturday, 13 April 2013

Reject - or Reg for short

Lambing continues - slowly - but the main ones are due from tomorrow so we may go up a gear soon, not the weather for it at the moment anyway.

A Romney had twins on Thursday and it was not a happy event.

Romneys are, I was told, calm sheep but mine are not!   I was relieved when the first gave birth easily. All seemed to be going well with the second Romney to lamb who popped out the first
easily. She bonded straight away but didn't settle to let him feed. I knew she should be producing twins so just left her to get on with the next one whilst observing from afar. She snuffled around and then suddenly sat down and produced the second - gave it a quick lick and then went crazy! She head butted it all the way down the hill and charged away back to the first lamb. Little one struggled up and wandered around crying for Mum. Every now and again she charged over to it and butted it and then the other Romney's joined in so I had to rescue it. No way I could catch Mum on her own so I fed little Reject and stuck him in the Mule with me - he also had to come home with me whilst I
fetched more milk powder.

Not a good move as he now thinks I am his Mum but it was raining and everyone disliked him intensely so I didn't feel I could leave him alone in the field with them. When Carl got back we cornered and captured the ewe - she is now in a very reinforced pen with the two lambs and she is now not head butting Reject but he has no interest in feeding from her. Even when I put him on her he is not that keen. There is a glimmer of hope though as he and his brother are bonding a bit!


  1. Lovely little story on the early BBC News yesterday....
    A lamb was born in East Sussex, named Bobby...Only weighing 2:3lbs. Entering it for Guinness Book of Records, as the smallest lamb. It was pictured with another recently born lamb, and, only came up to it's knees! Lovely!