Saturday, 27 April 2013

Hair today

Ah, yes, Lisa - I meant Blue Tooth - probably why pesky Sam was giggling!  And thank you for the hair comments but it really is not good hair.  Here it is today, au naturale, i.e. unwashed for a week and devastated by lack of attention and the bitter wind which has been in evidence on the hill.  Brass monkeys here as well, Jayne despite the sun!
Anyway, enough about my hair, two little blacks born today so we are now up to 15 but it should be many more by now.  I feel like I will still be lambing in the summer!  Nice chat on the phone earlier which has refocused my mind on who should be on the sales list.  Dude has to be one whatever Carl says as we really need to be bringing in different genetics now.  Tomorrow I shall get updated fully fleeced photos and then we might shear him next weekend (depending on the weather).  I am not going to put him up for much money but I want him to find a good home with work to do (something he loves!).
We haven't started shearing yet but I am already worrying about fitting ours in amongst the booked shearings.  Carl sorted out the gear today and a package of sharpened combs and cutters arrived back this morning so we are all ready to go - just waiting for the weather to improve a bit.  Then it will be time to send the fleece samples to AAFT which is going to be exciting.


  1. Your hair is lovely and I think you should 'appear' more often :) When you shear do you have the equipment and the shearer comes to do the job, or do you do it yourself? :) Lisa

  2. Thanks Lisa!
    We shear ours ourselves and run a small shearing service for other owners. Carl made the rope and pulley sets - he goes out with our son Sam to do most of the shearing but I accompany him sometimes when Sam is not available - it is very hard work though!! The advantage is supposed to be that we can do ours as and when we want - trouble is we get booked up with other people's animals to shear and mine end up having to be squeezed in!