Monday, 15 April 2013

A hint of sun

The weather perked up a bit at times today which led to a quick burst of sunbathing for Mick.
At least the youngsters are a bit cleaner than they were - for some reason the Mums are all still filthy!
And here are the triplets.

Mum keeps them very close to her and takes them well away from the other sheep - she is very protective  and they are very lively!
Reg is becoming a bit of a bully and pushes his brother away from the udder every chance he gets.  Mum will still only let him drink when I stand in the pen but I no longer have to hold her so progress is being made.


  1. Well done Reg! I just can't help supporting the under-dog or should it be under-sheep! (Well that's where he needs to be if he's going to thrive... isn't it?!!

  2. The triplets are just gorgeous :) Lisa