Thursday, 18 April 2013

Young Farmers

Last night we went to give a talk on alpacas to The Young Farmers - they were a great group and asked interesting questions.  One lad was even brave enough to play at being an alpaca whilst Carl 'sheared' him!  Shame I have not got a photo!  Sam refused to come to the front with us and was highly embarrased to start with but I think he quite enjoyed it in the end - particularly the parts Carl did!

Happy and sad news on the lambing front.

We are now up to 11 lambs from 7 ewes but the tiniest triplet has gone - and when I say gone, I mean gone.  She was there last thing at night and in the morning she had disappeared.  I went quite hysterical and searched all over but she had completely disappeared.  I have a horrible feeling it was a Buzzard as one has been circling overhead for a couple of days now.  My solution is bright orange macs which the other two tiny blacks are now wearing.  I thought Mum might reject them when I put the coats on but she was fine and I am hoping the colour and the crackling sound they make will frighten anything away.  I do have a photo but it is on my phone and I am unable to retrieve it

Reg is back in the field with the others.  Mum lets him sit by her but not feed so he is now a bottle fed and is very noisy.  He has bonded with his brother and they play and rest together thank goodness.  The remarkable thing is that I think I know why his mum rejected him.  He has a deformity which is quite pronounced - a very overshot jaw.  Could she really have spotted it that quickly or am I imaging things?


  1. Oh dear, I'm sorry about you losing the triplet, that is so sad. Hopefully your macs will do the trick and the other two will be OK.
    Poor Reg with his overshot jaw, would that have caused problems with him trying to feed, would he have suckled differently? At least Mum lets him next to her and he has his brother :) Lisa

  2. We had a pet lamb with an undershot jaw last year, they obviously feel very different to mum.

    Hope the jackets do the trick.