Sunday, 2 December 2012

Serene and normal

I am so very sorry for the last confusing blog.  I cannot let it all out Mark - though I would like to - as I doubt many will agree with me and it is too 'alpaca sensive' I feel.   I had a cocoa instead of wine, and topped this up by getting cross with Amazon over a missing item.  Today I am on top of the world due to Amazon's exceptional service, a good cuddle with Yossarian and a 1 to 1 with Lina!

I have managed to update the website but don't check it out as I fear it looks a little tacky now and Sam is horrified about one part of the home page -  I will have to redo again and will let you know when it has reached Westhill perfection and is safe to view.

On the down side I have a sheep, Angelina Jolie, with a bad foot but I think that is improving.  I have trimmed it right down and sprayed liberally (also have purple fingers and jumper).  Also, the Ram developed a nosebleed.  I phoned the Shepherd in a panic (visions of getting his head between his knees or ramming a paper tissue up his nose - actually, I am not sure that is  best practise any more!) and he asked how he was in himself.  When I reported back that he was 'on the job' as we spoke, he laughed and said not to worry!

Today we weighed Tulisa who is steadily putting on weight and is a real little madam - just like her Mum, Lina.  Everyone is looking mighty healthy despite the foul weather they have been putting up with.  I am afraid I have no decent alpaca photos as I only took two today and they are both out of focus as I was trying to feed Bert a pear whilst capture the moment on camera and I was laughing so much my hands shook!  So, here is one of the leader of the Scottish blacks - first down for the hay when it arrived.

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