Monday, 17 December 2012

You've got red on you!

Little bit of accidental overloading has led to the field looking rather like a scene from Shaun of the Dead.

The ram has paste on him this year, to mark the backs of the ewes he has served, and this needs renewing periodically.  It comes as a powder and you mix it up with oil.  I had forgotten to buy some oil but found a choice between a bottle of cod liver oil or a bottle of used chip fat.  I decided the cod liver oil was the best idea and Sam rolled him whilst I applied liberally to his chest - rather too liberally as it turns out.  Ram is now a delicate shade of pink, everywhere, and the ewes he has served since look like they are victims of a road accident.  Close up it looks quite violent - even in this long distance shot you will see immediately who has recently been serve!


  1. Sorry can't write a sensible comment I'm laughing too much. Very Funny :0))

  2. Your ewes must pong with that cod liver oil but I suppose choosing between that or chip fat wasn't an easy call!