Thursday, 13 December 2012

Halter Training

I had to visit the vet for cat wormer tablets and the  accountant for money type stuff first thing and was nearly late when I encountered the Scrap man in Stur.  That all went surprisingly well.  What did not go so well was trying to get Cruella's worming tablet in her when I got back.  She has spat it out four times so far and, despite a towel, has seriously clawed me.

Cold and frosty today so Sam and I made the most of it by doing some foot trimming - impossible when it is all muddy - and halter work - again, impossible when it is all muddy.  Sam bought a new tow rope which he wanted to use for catching the alpacas.  They were all so surprised by the blue colour they just stood still!
There were several feet in need of attention and not everyone was well behaved which looks positive on the pregnancy front.  Halter training focused on Mick and Arctic.  Mick is being very good.  We haven't reached the stage of putting the lead on yet, he is still getting comfortable with having the halter on and off plus having his feet picked up.  Arctic is currently at the bottom of the class!  He likes to sit down!

However, finally, we got to standing up, being held and not having a panic  - may not sound much but I think it is one of the most important parts!

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  1. Wow, with halter training it sounds like a new season has started!