Thursday, 20 December 2012

Father Christmas is having a bad time

A fairly adventurous day today.  We have, as have most, had a fair amount of rain and as I went through Woolland this morning I did think the flood on the road at the corner was fairly deep.  I got through but it was a case of gripping the steering wheel and trying to think of something else.  In the afternoon it looked deeper - and longer.  A trip round the other way would have taken ages if I was to avoid the fords so I went for it - and nearly didn't make it.  I have a bit of a wet carpet and the force of the water in front nearly made me stall but we gripped tight and pressed on.  By the time I reached the field (where I slid sideways through he gate) I was steaming.  Steam was pouring from the bonnet, the exhaust, even the wheels seemed to be puffing out clouds.  The inner mechanic in me told me to leave it running for a while until the steam dispersed but I did take the long route home!

All animals are soaked and crowding into the field shelters so my only photo for you tonight is of a fairly wet, but happy, looking Flem.
And a very clean, for me, looking car!

Father Christmas is also on the verge of a nervous breakdown at the moment.  FC has diligently sourced, ordered, wrapped, hidden Sam's presents which are mainly Mitsubishi Truck related as that was the love of his life.  Now the fickle hearted child has decided he wants a Land Rover, has found a Land Rover, has viewed a Land Rover and may BUY a Land Rover!  He will now receive L200 based products he has no need or want for as he no longer 'hearts' his L200 no matter what one of FCs presents says - and where he will park the flippin' Land Rover I do not know as FC has a special L200 Parking Only sign for him.  Blow and double Blow!!!!


  1. He'll just have to call his landrover eh?!