Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Wilting Sweet Peas

Today we have had proper cold and manful breaking of ice was required, as opposed to the gentle tapping which has been required so far this winter.  A fair bit of sliding around on Woolland hill so I avoided that and went up and down the cut which was fine.
I am afraid that not everyone I hoped was pregnant has carried their pregnancy through.  Lina is my pregnancy detector as she is constantly trying to jump on anyone not pregnant!  She is on the left with Trouble on the right, Arctic at the front and the not pregnant one lying down!
By lunch time the sun was out so perfect weather for getting photos ready for January when Alpaca Seller gets updated.  My plans to get Greeves on film were foiled by Yossarian who constantly slunk in front or behind or generally got in the way.

And I had to include a photo of my gorgeous (to my eyes only) Bert.

Sadly, I did not wrap my sweep peas up terribly well last night and I fear there may have been a casualty or two.

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  1. At least Lina has let you know so you can plan an early Spring rendevous! We have a couple of young girls to be mated next April who constantly try to do the deed between them! Namaste, who was one that moved on last month, was better than any male at spotting open females but only if she too was open!