Friday, 21 December 2012

My loneliness is killin' me . . .

If Carl sings that to me once more, or asks me when I am putting the mini skirt on I shall hit him.  I had my hair done this morning and it is now very straight but flops a bit in my eyes so I have tied the side bits up and he says my hair (not the rest of me) looks like Britney Spears - AS IF!

Fairly uneventful on the driving front today - no more rain so the flooded road has subsided a bit.  We are getting through a fair bit of hay at the moment and are having the normal alpaca arguments about who gets the best spot in the field shelter.  Strangely, it is not always the dominant ones who seem to get what I would consider the best place -  some seem to prefer it just outside.  Carolyn, the most gentle, calm alpaca, always likes the side, looking out.  Not a good photo I am afraid.

Two methods of tree decoration in our house - my preferred method, choose, at length, appropriate ornaments.  Festoon tree with lights, place baubles, remove baubles and replace in better position, admire whilst cat sneaks up behind jumps on tree and brings the lights down, replace and so on.

Or there is Sam and Carl's method - tie string of beads to top of tree, walk round tree wrapping tinsel firmly, throw four balls and a fairy at it - stand back and admire.

Not much in it really!

And what is Sam looking forward to most about Christmas? - (Luckily not his presents!) - seeing his Grandparents!


  1. Dare I choose between the two...I think we are all just pleased to have tree up this year...thanks for the photos makes me feel in the festive spirit ( might be the wine as well!)

  2. Lovely trees, both of them, in their own special way!