Monday, 24 December 2012

A lovely early Christmas present!

Following an early shopping trip (and I mean REALLY early - Carl's decision) all the animals were given a few extra rations this morning as the weather has been so grim. You will notice in the photos that I am the one struggling with the mud and wind whilst Carl lounged on the Polaris (the Mule is terminally sick) with the camera.
My hair is ruined but the girls were pleased to see me. Islay, as usual stood at the back, waiting for everyone else to finish.
Emily came over to get a bit of hand feeding and - amazingly, so did Islay. She is the one with her ears pricked up behind Emily who is the first in the line.
And then - Islay ate from the bucket I was holding and she has never done that before - Carl didn't quite catch it very well as he was so surprised!
What a lovely start to Christmas!

A very, very happy Christmas to you all - may you have many magic moments!


  1. Happy Christmas to all at Westhill, have a good one.

    Rob n Les

  2. What a lovely Christmas present Rosemary...don't they just surprise us sometimes?! Have a great Christmas and hope you get a little feet-up time over the festive season!

  3. Hoping you have a very merry Christmas at wishes to all xx

  4. Have a good one, all at Westhill, lets hope Santa brings all us Alpaca Breeders want we really want NO MORE RAIN, surely one of us is on the good girl list:0)) xx

  5. Happy Christmas from Dave and Joy at Apple Vale.