Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dancing on ice

Feezing cold today and very icy.  Despite my two jumpers I was still shivering and had to resort to my orange tango suit which is very warm but means I become very inflexible and have to operate in slow motion.  I went home to  sort out the sheep records an had a little worry about the cold effecting the suris - that was a stupid worry as when I returned Yosser was splashing in the icy water left in the rolling pit!
I have to keep breaking the ice and scooping out the water as I fear someone will break a leg.


  1. Don't know which is more of a worry; slippy mud or ice. In my case it was ice ...I have a bruise...and hurt pride!

  2. I fancy knitting myself an alpaca onesie to keep warm!!!!